We are committed to support the growth, stability and resilience of your business throughout changing markets. The continual evolution of IT tools and technologies we offer has made it more achievable to give you that competitive edge

With over 20 years experience in various technology setups and system design, we are here to help you achieve commercial success through a scalable & stable environment

We are based centrally to the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire borders, with a UK-wide coverage

Core Services

Our services are offered across three pillars. Our USP is we can cover the breadth of these specialist areas, which is important to your business as dependencies of each technology are intertwined


Storage & Backup

CDI/CRM Systems

Security & Compliance

productivity & collaboration

Productivity Applications

Email Hosting

Cloud Solutions

web, Domain & digital services

Domain Name Services

Web Design & Hosting

Digital Branding

The Westgreen IT difference

Our key strength is the ability to quickly understand your business and propose technology strategies to meet your IT objectives, while being cost effective


With extensive inhouse experience working with SMEs, together with access to a wide network of external consultants, we are the solutions provider for your growing business

best in class

We know that’s a big claim! We are a niche provider as SME suppliers usually have limited offerings. Our team can support you with a range of technologies; from an automated cloud backup solution, to a complete Turnkey IT solution

within easy reach

We’re happy to discuss your ideas, wishes or even pain points. We are here to provide you the guidance and options needed to help you succeed

clear solutions

We know the world of small to medium businesses need the same level of bespoke solution as large corporates. We carefully design & implement systems with your business in mind

Our Team

Our team, ready to help on your next project

Stuart Kirkpatrick

Owner / Founder

Infrastructure Specialist

Storage & Backup

David Sullivan

IT & Sec Engineer

Client Hardware

Productivity Apps

InfoSec Consultant

Aanya Agarwal

Digital Media Specialist

Web Consultant

Hosting Services

Digital Branding

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